Interested in covering the stories from a $75.7 billion industry?

Yes, that is the projection for growth that Gartner is ascribing to the B2B Software-as-a-Service industry by the year 2020. Equal parts genius business model and bottomless customer problems to solve, SaaS is a story worth telling. Taking B2B software away from the office premises and running it from the cloud, SaaS founders are changing the course of operations for SMBs and Enterprises alike. They are growing global companies on the way.

Their journeys are anything but easy. “It took much longer than I ever expected and it’s tougher than I ever imagined,” Ryan Smith, Founder of Qualtrics would say. It took him 12 years to get his head above water. Ingenuity, perseverance, and patience are the only way.

We gather these founders at SaaStock to hear their stories through the lessons they have learned and the scars they have acquired. There is no other place in Europe to witness the development of an industry that is transforming tech through self-service subscription and put a human face to it. From Provo, Utah through Montpellier, France and Lisbon, Portugal all the way to Chennai, India, we have gathered inspiring speakers with fascinating stories. Join us to hear them.

Interested in covering the stories from a $75.7 billion industry?


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